Part way through January and we are already off to a great start!

Business at VoIP Supply, our primary business unit, continues to grow at a solid pace. Our growth is reflected not exclusively with regard to our financials, but also with our team, culture, innovation and expertise.

Our newer business unit (CloudSpan) has begun to take shape with initial employees, systems and processes and plans for its future. We are expecting big things in this division as the year progresses.

So, what happened in 2013?

A lot happened and here are some of the highlights:

  • As sart of our purpose of Doing Well so that we are Empowered to Do Good, we launched a campaign to help feed the homeless in Buffalo and were successful in donating more than 10,000 meals to the City Mission. Other charities and organizations that we were involved in this past year include Camp Good Days and Special Times, the SPCA, Child and Family Services of Niagara and the Riverkeeper Shoreline Sweep.
  • A lot of time and effort was invested in refining our culture and integrating it into the daily operations. In doing so, we created and implemented our one-page-plan that makes visible for all employees, our 3 year, 1 year and quarterly goals, metrics and celebrations to be had. We also identified many of the critical numbers to be measured within the organization to help highlight areas of excellence or improvement. These critical numbers also help us better predict the future of business within our companies.
  • The company was nominated for and won several awards this year as well. These include WNY’s Fast Track 50, WNY’s Most Admired Companies, WNY’s Most Ethical Companies, WNY’s Best Places to Work and Western New York’s Top 50 Private Companies. We also retained our B-Corp certification.

We have big plans for 2014 and are looking forward to another amazing year with an amazing group of people!


Q2 – 2013 – It’s been a while since this blog has been updated with what’s going on at Sayers Tech, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot going on… quite the contrary. There has been so much going on that it has been difficult to find the time to update this blog for those that follow our adventures.

Last year (2012) finished quite some time ago and it was one heck of a year for all of us. Our primary business, VoIP Supply, continued to grow and outpace the industry. In addition to our company growing at the top and bottom of our financials, we have added a few new people to the company, added some new solutions to our catalog and celebrated many achievements. Late in 2012, VoIP Supply was named as the first certified B-Corporation in Western New York. This certification was  a focal point in 2012 and really aligned the people within our organization around our company’s purpose – Do well, do good, suck less!

VoIP Supply was also named as one of WNY’s Best Places to Work, one of the 15 Most Admired Companies in WNY and nominated as one of WNY’s Most Ethical Businesses. Our Sustainabiliteam was formed in 2012 as part of our b-corp certification process and helped engage the company and our people in a wide variety of community activities and expanded our participation in the many charities and organizations we had already been working with.

Growing by nearly 20% for each of the past few years, the company has found itself once again on the Fast Track 50 (fastest growing companies in WNY) as well as back on the Inc. 5000 (fastest growing companies in America). This will the fourth time we have shared a spot on each of these lists with our fellow fast growing companies.

For those that are also running small businesses and entrepreneurial adventures, one of the biggest influences on our company over the past 18 months has been our integration of many ideas put forth in a book titled “The Rockefeller Habits”. I’d most certainly encourage any business leader to take the short time required to read the book and then spend the time to analyze which of those ideas/habits would add value to your unique organization.

Our future is bright and we have a few new projects in the works to grow the Sayers Technology Holdings family and improve the operational efficiency, profitability and overall success of our existing businesses. Again, we must do well, so that we are empowered to do good. While we are at it, it helps if we suck less each day.

Thank you for following along with our progress and updates. Have a wonderful summer!

Wow! It has been a while since this site was updated with our quarterly results, this year has just been flying past.


The first quarter was good, we accomplished a fair amount of work on projects put in motion at the end of 2011. Our focus was on expanding our reach into Canada with VoIP hardware sales, launching our new Video Conferencing division and a number of internal projects centered on systems improvements and company culture.

Financially the company did great, far better than Q1 the previous year and ahead of our overall expectations, even while making a lot of internal changes.

Importantly, on March 14th, the company officially turned 10 years old and we did, in true form, take time to celebrate as a group.


Second quarter until now has been something big and notable, a turning of the page for the company in a very positive way.

There have been a lot of changes in the company landscape, the projects being worked on and the overall definition and communication of purpose, strategy and vision for the company.

Internally there have been some new hires to grow and improve our customer service department, software development team and sales force. Others within the organization have been promoted or moved into roles well suited for their skills and passion.

Financially speaking, the company did excellent and continued to grow on pace with projections. Again, this growth was accomplished even with the many changes going on within the company.


Still in the works, a little less than a month to go and things are really moving forward well.

Off of the heels of the management strategic summit, we have a lot more of our future defined and have a clear path as to how to get there.

I’m very much looking forward to writing up our year end results and sharing the many successes accomplished by the great team at STH.

Sayers Technology Holdings is celebrating its best year EVER! (so far)

Although the year isn’t completely over yet, we have so much to be proud of, so many accomplishments and even more planned for the coming years.

Before any recaps and expectations, it is important to note that these are made possible by the great people driving the companies forward every day. Thank you!

Some of these may have been covered in previous quarterly updates, nonetheless, here are some of our highlights for the year.

  • We purchased our new headquarters last December and spent much of our 1st quarter this year getting settled in, remodeling, building and optimizing the space for our continual growth and evolution. We managed to do this while continuing our operations uninterrupted and making Q1-2011 an exceptional quarter despite various inconveniences of relocating 20,000  sq. feet of business.
  • Our engineering team was able to completely rewrite our order entry and CRM platform to improve performance, enhance the buying experience and provide greater post sale support to customers that purchased through our call center, now able to access their orders, invoices and even custom pricing via the online store.
  • The IT and Operations staff completely rebuilt our internal and external networking and systems infrastructures, cleaning up 9 years of accumulated “stuff”. Our internals are now running on redundant virtual hosts in their own temperature controlled server room, our external systems have been moved to a new host that is twice as powerful and half as expensive!
  • The accounting department has done a spectacular job this year after taking on and completing the acquisition of our new home late last year. Along with managing and maintaining our A+ credit rating, ensuring timely receivables and adjusting inventory levels to keep pace with our growth, they have reduced company debt by mid six figures and reduced annual expenses also by mid six figures.
  • Our marketing department has been hard at work all year. They have launched dozens of single product stores such as and to highlight a specific products and the accessories supported by it. The also prepared dozens of videos to highlight the company, products and support issues such as configuration. The Why Buy from VoIP Supply video is a good example.
  • The company was active within the community, supporting several local charities and organizations. Camp Good Days and the Buffalo City Mission were the two primary organizations though there were several other smaller involvements. Collectively, the company donated more than $25,000 financially and several staff members donated their personal/work time to be involved.
  • Financially, the company rocked! We were able to exceed our annual projections before December even started and December has been an exceptional month on top of the holiday chaos. Our top line was at projections, our bottom line exceeded them due to greater than expected reduction in expenses. We projected revenue growth of 15% and exceeded it handily. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we did all of this with the same number of full time employees. This small fact is a testament to the individual skill development and dedication exhibited by the staff.
  • Lastly… In a few months, on March 14th, we will be celebrating 10 years in business. We’ve had many years of acceleration via triple digit growth, a few years stalling the engine and pushing the company vehicle uphill, finally reaching the top, firing up the engine and we’re back to dominating the race!!

So now what? Maybe we should sit back and enjoy what we’ve built, watch it run, be satisfied as it is… Don’t count on it! Like I’ve said many times, nothing improves without change, embrace it!!

As we roll into our tenth year, 2012, we will be ignoring the Mayans and planning on being here for another 100 years. There are many initiatives and projects underway as I write this, plans to grow our existing business, enhance our offerings to the more than 100,000 existing customers and other plans to improve our people, processes and overall effectiveness.

I’d love to tell you the details, even high level overviews of these plans, but I can’t. I’m sorry. I’m sure you’ll hear about them soon enough :)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for making 2011 as awesome as it has been and for helping ensure that 2012 will be even more incredible. You, my customers and staff, are wonderful! Thanks.

Another great quarter for STH and its companies, plenty to be proud of….

VoIP Supply: Just recently the company was named on the list of Western New York’s Top CEOs (previously Top 100 Private Companies) – this is our 7th consecutive time on this list. We added a new member to our sales team in Q3 and he is proving to be a valuable asset to the organization. VoIP Supply added a few new brands this past quarter including LifeSize and Panasonic as well as the AT&T Synapse PBX. Financially, Q3 was our most profitable quarter since early 2008 and far exceeded our earnings projections. Our VSP Program for Service Providers continues to grow exceptionally well with many new providers participating.

Sayers Distribution and VoIP Fulfillment: The division has grown well this year and particularly this past quarter. Sayers Distribution added several new customers to its portfolio and the VoIP Fulfillment team added about a dozen new service providers. Daily/Monthly output from this division more than doubled in Q3 and continues to accelerate into Q4 and 2012.  Leveraging strategic partnerships, both distribution and VoIP Fulfillment have expanded their offerings to include Just In Time orders and Global Delivery to more than 100 countries.

Sayers Media Group: Although there has not been too much activity within SMG since the recession start in 2008, where our focus was primarily on VoIP Supply, we have prepared a significant project for this division and are currently building the infrastructure to launch, support and grow a global services suite to debut in 2012. Stay tuned for updates on this project.

Q4 is already well underway and there will be a lot to shout about by the time it is all over. We have hired several additions in October/November for specific roles, projects and tasks – all very exciting! We are expecting this to finish up as our best year ever and setting the stage for our 10th year of business (2012) to continue the trend in many areas of the business.