Just like Q3-2010, we’ve got more positive economic news from Sayers Technology Holdings!

With Q4-2010 behind us and nothing left there but allowing the accounting team to close the books, there is a lot of exciting news to share in all areas of the business.

Sayers Technology Holdings

  • On December 15th, we finally closed on our new headquarters as we purchased a 20,000 sq. ft. building located at 80 Pineview Drive in Amherst New York. This new building is 50% office / 50% warehouse and will be housing all of the STH entities (at least for the time being). The acquisition of this building is significant as it further solidifies our balance sheet while reducing our property (lease) expenses by more than 50%.
  • Earlier in the quarter, Sayers Distribution was formed and launched to build, promote and manage our fulfillment and distribution services. In addition to general fulfillment and distribution, we are highly focused on VoIP endpoint provisioning, logistics and returns management for Voice over IP services providers around the globe. This division is being built up and managed by one of our Q3 new hires, Michael Russo, the executive vice president Sayers Distribution.

VoIP Supply

  • It was a big quarter for VoIP Supply as well as STH. In October they launched the Nationwide Installations offering termed ‘Deploy’ and it has been very well received by our customers, many of whom had been asking for this service offering for several years.
  • At the end of December, VoIP Supply was re-launched on its new commerce platform with a large number of feature, content and design enhancements. The customer feedback has been exceptional and the results are already visible with an increase in order volume and new customer acquisition.
  • P&L-wise, it was a very good quarter for VoIP Supply, even though Q4 has been traditionally a lighter quarter with a lot of holiday downtime. No figures yet as the books remain open, however they will be exceptional and profitable once finalized.
  • With some additional promotions and service offerings this quarter, VoIP Supply also saw an increase in online orders and new customers per month – a significant increase of nearly 35%. VoIP Supply is currently welcoming in between 750-1,000 new customers each month and adding them to our database of 100,000+ satisfied VoIP solution buyers.

IP Camera Supply

  • IP Camera Supply also received a face-lift this quarter and migrated to its new commerce platform. This platform offers a lot in the way of future enhancements and additions to the store.
  • Q4 was an excellent quarter for the company relative to sales and growth of the business. The work done in Q3 to tidy up the catalog and add a large number of new products is gaining traction and attracting new customers.
  • There is a lot of focus on this store planned for 2011 with dedicated resources in product management, content creation and product/brand trainings. This division will be providing a lot of exciting news in the coming months.

Sayers Distribution

  • This division was formed earlier in the year and is expected to grow quite rapidly in 2011. The initial focus is on product provisioning and fulfillment for VoIP service providers with planned expansion into multiple other market segments as the year moves on. (VoIPFulfillment.com)
  • Prior to launching the division, Sayers Distribution is already at a financial break-even point with several sizable accounts utilizing our custom designed API and internet based portal. By the end of 2010 this division is already shipping more than 250 units per day and growing by double digits month over month.

There is more that happened in Q4 for sure, yet those are the highlights and largest events. Not bad for a three month period of time and certainly a testament to the amazing people working at Sayers Technology Holdings. Look for more exciting news in Q1 as we roll out another large initiative that combines activities from multiple entities and creates a service offering unbeatable by anyone in the industry at this time!

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  1. Sounds great, Ben. I don’t understand much of anything you do, but a solid balance sheet is a lovely thing. Continued best wishes. V

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